Get Immediate Insights with a
GeoQuest Express Report

Understand Where Your Customers are Coming From and What They Look Like

GeoQuest Express Insight Reports are pre-packaged reports that provide a valuable snapshot of your customers or your competitors' customers at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research studies.

Harness the power of real-life movement and behaviour consumer data to unlock valuable insights. Powered by Azira, the world leader in mobile location intelligence, GeoQuest Insights provides unparalleled data on customers and competitors through advanced privacy-led mobile device analytics.

What You Get with a GeoQuest Express Report

Simply choose one to five locations – your locations or your competitors’ locations – and a timeframe. Your location-level report includes:

  • A table and an interactive map showing where your customers come from.
  • An interactive visual representation of customer visitation patterns over time.
  • A comprehensive demographic profile and detailed analysis of your customers.
  • Data insights on visitation days of the week and times of day.
  • Export functionality to further analyze or combine with other data sources.
  • Detailed instructions to maximize your insights and report utilization.

Unlock Actionable Business Insights with a GeoQuest Express Report

GeoQuest Insights empowers you to make strategic business decisions with real-world behavior analytics. Gain comprehensive insights to understand your audience, optimize your strategies, and gain a competitive edge to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Whether you choose to study your own customers or your competitors’ customers, the GeoQuest Express Report can be leveraged in many ways, including:

Discover Where Your Customers Live

Understand your primary trade area and the best place to reach or find your customers.

Detailed Demographic Profile

Get a comprehensive overview of your customer's demographics to help inform your key audiences and personas.

Study Your Competitors' Customers

Understand where your competitors’ customers come from so you can target them in your advertising. Or compare the profile or their customers with that of your own.

Multi-Location Analysis

Understand differences and similarities in your locations customer profiles and visitation patterns.

Harness Mobile Intelligence Data for Informed Decision-Making

  • Mobile Intelligence represents real-life movement and behavior, unlike stated behavior garnered with traditional research methods like surveys and focus groups.
  • Largest privacy-led data set with 1.6 billion device IDs across 44 countries and 250,000 apps – providing accurate insight into who we are and where we go.
  • Accurate to three square feet with a 24-month lookback window.

Who is the GeoQuest Express Report Best For?

Business owners and marketers who prefer a DIY approach and want to start with simplified audience insights.

Businesses seeking essential data on customer demographics and locations.

Companies that need insights for up to five locations.

GeoQuest Express Insights Reports Pricing

  • Prices start at $985 for one location
  • Additional locations may be added for $750 each
  • Express Reports can study up to five locations maximum

For answers to specific questions, or to analyze six or more locations, please explore our Essential Insights Package or our 360 Insights Package