Luxury Homebuilder Mobile Location Campaign

Client Overview

A renowned luxury homebuilder in Calgary, celebrated for crafting custom homes that embody their customers’ unique styles and the physical attributes of each site, faced challenges in reaching the right audience effectively and driving traffic to their website and show homes. To address these issues, they partnered with RMG Advertising to implement a comprehensive mobile location campaign, focusing on overcoming three main challenges:


  1. Limited Audience Insights: The builder struggled to understand the diverse needs and preferences of their potential customers.
  2. Ineffective Digital Strategy: Previous digital campaigns failed to deliver the desired engagement and results.
  3. Traffic Generation: There was a significant need to increase visits to their website and physical show homes.


Mobile Location Campaign Objectives

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of key customer segments.
  2. Evolve their digital strategy to optimize mobile location campaign targeting and results.
  3. Drive increased visits to their website and show homes.


Homebuilder Target Customers

  • Primary: Affluent professional families with young children.
  • Secondary: Empty nesters with a focus on lifestyle and activities.


Audience Segments

RMG Advertising and the client created twenty audience segments based on their activities and real-life movements:

  • Professionals with Young Children: Identified at schools, rec centres, dayhomes, winter activities, and pet-focused locations.
  • Empty Nesters: Reached through travel, private sports, golf clubs, and activities associated with the downsizer persona.
  • Affluent Adults: Targeted at high-end dining and retail establishments, luxury automotive services, and cosmetology services.
  • Competitor Communities: Specifically targeted for customer conquesting.
  • Priority Geographic Areas: Defined based on historical sales and customer commuting patterns.


Mobile Location Campaign Process

The campaign targeted twenty audience segments using data from their real-life movements and locations they visited. RMG Advertising monitored click-through rates (CTR) and the time recipients spent on the website after clicking on an ad. This data helped assess the impact of different creatives and strategically optimize the campaign to provide the strongest ROI. Over six months, five major optimizations were implemented to enhance campaign performance.


Location Intelligence in Advertising

Location intelligence refers to the use of geographic data and spatial analytics to drive marketing strategies. By understanding where potential customers live, work, and spend their time, advertisers can create highly targeted mobile location campaigns. This approach ensures that marketing efforts are not only reaching the right audience but also doing so at the right time and place. For the Calgary Custom Luxury Homebuilder, location intelligence allowed them to precisely target affluent families and empty nesters, making their advertising efforts more efficient and effective.


Client Feedback

The homebuilder’s team was impressed by the detailed audience data provided by RMG Advertising. Customers often mentioned the ads when visiting show homes, highlighting the campaign’s effectiveness. Monthly touchpoints with the RMG team ensured continuous optimization and improvement of the campaign.


“RMG is the third digital firm we have engaged with in five years to help us achieve our objectives, and it has been, by far, the most successful campaign to date.”

– General Manager, Calgary Homebuilder


The campaign’s success can be attributed to the strategic use of location intelligence and continuous optimization efforts.


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