Client Overview

Bow Mitsubishi, a family-owned Calgary dealership, serves Southern Alberta with a wide selection of new Mitsubishi models, quality certified pre-owned vehicles, and comprehensive parts and services. Despite their established presence, the dealership faced significant challenges due to supply chain constraints affecting new car inventory. To address these issues and increase brand awareness, Bow Mitsubishi partnered with RMG Advertising to implement a strategic marketing location campaign aimed at driving used car sales and service revenue. Here is a detailed look at the challenges they faced:


  1. Supply Chain Constraints: The dealership struggled with limited new car inventory, necessitating a focus on used car sales.
  2. Revenue Growth: There was a need to boost highly profitable service revenue.
  3. Brand Awareness: Increasing brand recognition, particularly among Filipino consumers, was essential.
  4. Market Share: The dealership aimed to grow its market share through competitive customer acquisition.


Location Campaign Objectives

  1. Drive used car sales during new car inventory shortages.
  2. Increase service revenue.
  3. Enhance brand awareness within the Filipino community.
  4. Expand market share by acquiring customers from competitors.


Auto Dealership Target Customers

  • Primary: Used car shoppers, young families, and Filipino adults.
  • Secondary: Customers shopping at competitive new and used auto dealers or service centres.


Auto Dealership Audience Segments

RMG Advertising and Bow Mitsubishi identified high-value audience segments based on their activities and real-life movements:

  • Used Car Shoppers: Targeted at used car lots within the Calgary Auto Mall and other dealers in their trade area.
  • Young Families: Reached through geographically relevant schools, parks, and activity centers.
  • Filipino Consumers: Engaged at cultural centres, churches, and Asian/Filipino grocery stores.
  • Competitive Dealer Customers: Targeted shoppers visiting other Alberta South Mitsubishi dealers.
  • Service Centre Customers: Reached through dealer-branded, specialty service, and independent service providers.


Key Location Campaign Drivers

  • Audiences: Three key audiences, identified based on real-life behaviours, delivered the highest campaign CTRs.
  • Creative: The “HAPPY BOW YEAR” ad was the highest-performing creative, achieving a 3.39% click-through rate.


Location Intelligence in Advertising

Location intelligence involves leveraging geographic data and spatial analytics to drive marketing strategies. By understanding where potential customers live, work, and spend their time, advertisers can create highly targeted campaigns. For Bow Mitsubishi, this approach enabled precise targeting of high-value segments such as used car shoppers, young families, and Filipino consumers, ensuring that marketing efforts reached the right people at the right time, maximizing engagement and conversions.


Location Campaign Process

The campaign focused on precise geo-targeting and behaviour-based segmentation to reach high-value customers effectively. By leveraging real-life movement data, RMG Advertising optimized the campaign for maximum impact.


“RMG Advertising offers pinpoint geo-targeting accuracy that is second to none. Their process is enlightening and effective, and they put great effort into ensuring we got maximum results. I would highly recommend RMG.”

– Jon MacPhee, General Manager

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