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Find and deliver targeted messaging to conference attendees across the United States which Enrich Software was unable to attend due to travel restrictions post-pandemic.


Campaign Strategy

  1. Enrich Software wanted to utilize RMG Advertising’s polygon technology to reach individuals that attended two priority conferences during the Spring of 2022.
  2. The client provided RMGA list of the conferences then RMGA polygoned the conference buildings targeting the device IDs that were there at the specific dates and times of the conference.
  3. RMGA then created and delivered custom messages to the identified audience over a 12-week period.


Valued Outcomes

  1. CTR of 0.49% which is 44% higher than RMG average
  2. Had over 800 engaged sessions on website
  3. Reached and re-targeted 10K unique devices (attendees) post conference





* RMG’s channel benchmark CTR is 0.34%, this is an average of all RMG client campaigns.