National Railway Company



Find skilled labourers to fill nationwide labour shortages.


Campaign Strategy

  1. Polygonned individuals that work in similar fields, trades schools, and other places that would qualify them for this specific type of work.
  2. Launched a mobile in-app campaign to both increase brand recognition and reach qualified leads with creatives drafted to call out each market.
  3. RMG was able to execute the campaign to match the demand for candidates in each market and pivot the impression delivery to match the varying demands of each market month to month.


Valued Outcomes

  1. Drove 1,305 net new users to the job openings page
  2. Overall campaign average CTR of 0.38%
  3. CTR of 1.32% for priority market, which is 288% higher than RMG’s benchmark




* RMG’s channel benchmark CTR is 0.34%, this is an average of all RMG client campaigns.