Predictive marketing may sound complex, but there are easy, actionable steps to begin. By following the guide below you can begin implementing Predictive Marketing techniques into your next campaign. 

Take a Data-Driven Approach

Many of us are intimidated by large amounts of data, especially new types of data. Marketing lingo combined with web stats sounds like a recipe for disaster but keeping it simple takes away much of the fear. 

Always follow the most relevant key performance indicators (KPI’s) for your company, and to make decisions based on factual data, assumptions can be costly. 

Some of the benefits of incorporating data into marketing campaigns are:

  • Improved forecasting 
  • Higher, more efficient marketing campaigns
  • Customer satisfaction/loyalty goes up
  • Client segments become more defined
  • Conversions increase
  • Repeat purchases increase
  • Average purchase price increase

Use Predictive Marketing to Create a Stronger Sense of Brand Loyalty 

What brands get high engagement, repeat purchases and profitable lifetime value? The ones that know their customers the best. They segment their audiences into detailed groups that have adverts tailored specifically to them. This reinforces brand loyalty and drives engagement rates. How? Because they associate a properly timed advert as “knowing them so well” like a familiar friend.

Taking the opposite approach and designing a generic advertisement and sending it out at 4:55pm on a Friday probably won’t move the needle much.

By taking available customer data and using it in a predictive framework you can begin to see opportunities for your marketing department. Then by A/B testing you can try multiple combinations to see what works best in terms of conversions.

Leave Implementation up to Somebody Else!

It can be difficult to adapt to today’s business world, and you don’t have to feel hopeless when marketing results are poor. What separates success from failure is those who chose to take advantage at all tools at their disposal. Customer data is perhaps your most valuable tool. If you are interested in learning more about predictive marketing and what it can do for your business, Contact our team here at RMG Advertising to schedule a free consultation.