The Benefits of Predictive Targeting in Marketing Campaigns

You had a great marketing campaign, everything seemed to be optimized. Then came launch day and all you get is a lukewarm reception. Perhaps the ads were well-crafted, but they didn’t hit the bullseye in terms of the audience that saw them. All that was missing was targeting insights that could have taken the promo from flatline to historical success. 

When you review user data, and metrics, the thought of using those resources to raise interest in your campaigns becomes difficult to imagine. However, with predictive targeting, you can now bind data application techniques and creative marketing together. 

Branding Differentiation Benefits of Predictive Targeting

It’s easy to get caught up in the social media trends as a marketer. The bosses see success with competitors campaigns and want it replicated by lunchtime. This can be counterproductive for your brand’s voice and tone. It’s more beneficial to identify your ideal audience and decipher what they want from your brand and its products. By using predictive marketing, you become more attuned to this, and take your campaigns ROI to new levels. 

Predictive Targeting helps strengthen branding

When you properly identify your clientele based on factual information like shopping habits and browsing history, your campaigns will be much more alluring without being bothersome. They’ll also appear at the most advantageous moments, sometime before the need is realized. 

Budget Benefits of Predictive Targeting

This can sound contradictory because there are upfront costs of predictive targeting as well as educating your team and integrating its processes. Yet, the reality is that poor campaigns waste much more resources (time and money) due to low conversion and click through rates. 

One of the main problems with marketing campaigns is that they are hard to decipher in terms of budget. The reach, expected results, and need for extra ad revenue can get in the way of ROI or ROAS.

Know what to do with your budget. It also helps identify patterns such as excess overheads and fruitless audiences that have low lifetime value. 

Insights Spread Through Other Departments

Predictive marketing sheds light on other processes you could improve. Inventory management, supply chain optimization, customer funnelling, and customer support are all great examples. 

Loyalty Benefits of Predictive Targeting

What happens when you mix good quality products and services with superb presentation and deliverance? Yes, you guessed it right, happy—and repeat—customers, coupled with increased brand loyalty. 

Get The Upper Hand On Your Competitors

Weigh the risks and wait for costs to be low enough to justify change. However in the case of Predictive Marketing we’re only talking about data utilization. This isn’t some new, crazy idea, its simply using customer data to its fullest potential. If you want to know how you can begin using Predictive Targeting in your next marketing campaign, Contact Us, to schedule an discovery call.