Knowing where your customers are in real-time enables you to make customized offers they cannot resist. Here you’ll learn the secrets of location-based marketing and how to unleash its power.

Why It’s Important to Practice Location Based Marketing

Foot Traffic Rises

When your customers are nearby, and you extend an attractive offer that is time sensitive the conversion rate rises dramatically. By implementing location-based triggers, you will see foot traffic significantly increase.

Drive Customers Away From The Competition With Attractive Offers

The benefit that comes with this form of audience targeting is two-fold: On the one hand, you increase foot traffic into your retail business. This also means that when clients are in your store, they are also keeping themselves from buying products from the competition. 

So, make the most out of this differentiating factor and give customers more reasons (offers) to come back for more!

User Experience Improves

User experience is the way the consumer feels from the moment they click on your ad, to the moment they purchase the product. It also goes even further, since aftermarket customer service is an integral part of great user experience. This is especially true with long-life products and complex electronics. 

Sometimes also labeled as UX, a heightened sense of user experience from the customer ostensibly enhances the chances of customer retention and brand loyalty. Simply stated, happy clients are repeat clients.

Adjusted Ads at the Order of the Day

The benefits of location-based marketing are not only restricted to the clients’ geographical positioning. With data-driven information, you can also accurately determine the best time of the day for ad engagement to maximize returns.

With all these sources of information, you get to finely attune your ads to get more click-throughs and interested people in what your retail business has for them.

How the Different Forms of Location Targeting Work


With geofencing, the portable devices clients carry create an imaginary fence with GPS coordinates, that when it is crossed, they become potential prospects for your ads. So, if you want to push your product forward to nearby customers, or make your retail store known, geofencing is one of the best routes to pick.

The additional positive side-effect of geofencing is that the increased engagement coupled with other variables keeps customers closer to you than to the competition.


With geotargeting, determining the accurate position of users—that is, possible clients—becomes much easier. By having access to their IP address, zip code, or any other form of tracking that stems from their devices you gain access to data that your retail store could certainly profit from.

For instance, if you sell a product or service that relies heavily on location, say a hair salon, you can carefully confect ads that exploit this attribute, and send special offers to those that go to your salon within a specified time limit. Geotargeting facilitates this.

Location Based Marketing Is Everything

Location-based marketing is an art. It combines the best available technology with marketing campaigns that increase loyalty and conversion rates. RMG Advertising makes it happen.