E-commerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba, and eBay all have massive budgets, and technical experts to execute their ad campaigns. To them the sky’s the limit. But what about a typical medium-sized retailer who’s resources are limited? In this race for our attention, location targeting can produce fantastic ROI, levelling the playing field.

If your question is: “How can I pull this off?” the answer is simple. All you need is an app, loyalty program, website or newsletter, basically any communication that doesn’t use a cell carrier. With any of these methods you can make location targeting work for your brand. 

What Is Location Targeting?

Location targeting is placing ads in specific geographical regions that yield the best results. This could include everyone on your email newsletter receiving a special discount code if they pass by your brick and mortar location. It doesn’t include unsolicited phone calls or texts to strangers because that would require access to their phone network carrier. You must already have a means of communication with the audience established to send them the offer. 

With the aid of cutting-edge polygonal technology that encompasses APIs to IP addresses, you can now freely choose to whom you want to show your ads while being able to refine the scope as desired.

Given that retail stores are market niches that cater to very specific audience targets, your best bet is to do your due diligence and strategically place those ads in your areas of interest that are bound to give you the best ROI. Or even better, get the best in the business to do it for you.

What Are the Advantages of Location Targeting?

If you run a brick and mortar location that relies on foot traffic here are some advantages of location targeting:

  • No need for cold calling or other time-wasting methods. Your ads will be shown to people whose consumption preferences are strictly aligned with what your business has to offer
  • You can control the reach of your ads much more efficiently. With our sophisticated techniques like geofencing you can attune the scope to get more potential interested clients, click-through rates, and sales
  • You save money. No more haphazardly launching poorly crafted campaigns that get you nowhere in terms of tangible results
  • You get to provide a heightened user experience by giving your ideal clients exactly what they are longing for
  • You can test the waters in other market niches to feel out the reception of your products in uncharted territory in a cost-efficient manner

How Can You Apply These Tactics With Your Retail Store?

By making data-driven decisions you can determine the client profile that wants what your retail store has. With location targeting, you just do a much better job at weeding out useless leads and attracting customers.

RMG Advertising provides top-notch geofencing results while complying with the highest safety standards such as GDPR and CCPA, which means that everyone’s data is safe.