Does poor campaign targeting result in ads that don’t resonate? Do your ads feel outdated and suffer from fatigue? Many business owners select an area to show their ads and a few demographics and hope for the best. This “Shotgun” approach, when advertisers fire a whole bunch of outgoing messages and hope that it’ll stick rarely produces good results.

Predictive advertising is the opposite or the “Sniper” approach. This entails in-depth audience targeting and crafting your strategies to lure in the most receptive segments for your given product or service.  

In marketing, effective targeting can involve:

Audience Targeting 

This involves a thorough dive into all available marketing and customer data you have. Here you identify your audience segments. You want to focus on segments that have the most potential value, which means: Those who’ll buy the most, for the longest.

Mobile Targeting

Marketing Targeting Techniques and Benefits

Targeting audience segments separately customizes the messages better so you can offer enticing discounts to loyal members. Establishing methods of communication allows you to design mobile targeting campaigns. These get triggered when people are “on the go” and looking for your products or services.

Geofencing Promotions

Geo-fencing campaigns is perhaps the best example wherein advertisers setup an imaginary fence around a physical area, for example an outlet mall. Whenever anyone on a loyalty program, app or email list enters this area an automatic advertisement can be sent with time-urgent discounts.


Is Marketing Targeting Effective?

Undoubtedly consumers tend to prefer targeted ads over random ones. In that case businesses that employ this strategy typically see a fivefold increase in clickthrough rates.

For businesses offering specialized products or services, targeted marketing yields optimal results. Concentrating your marketing efforts on specific groups heightens the likelihood of favourable outcomes. 

Targeted marketing entices individuals to choose your company over competitors in the same industry. Therefore, setting yourself apart and backing that with an effective campaign is key to differentiation.

Why Should You Implement Marketing Targeting?

We live in a world where there are so many events going on, we’re being constantly stimulated. As a result the most valuable currency has become our limited attention span. The only way to capture the attention of your audience is to simply provide an enticing medium to sell your product or service in a compelling way that diverts itself from all the other generic and outdated methods that are proven to bring no results. The future of marketing relies on data-driven audience targeting.

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