Using Geolocation to Make Your Presence Felt

Mobile targeting uses your customers’ GPS and Bluetooth information as a trigger for customized ads. The customized content can include: local events and weather conditions, past purchases, loyalty programs, time-sensitive discounts and much more. The promo is sent once they enter a geofenced area you define. 

Create Targeted Promos with Geofencing

Geofencing, an integral feature of this technology, operates by establishing virtual perimeters around physical stores or locations. When potential customers cross these boundaries, they’re prompted with personalized notifications. This means that you can have your store’s ads pop on their radar if you have an existing method of communication. 

This technology is particularly good for cultivating a feeling of exclusivity, immediacy, and loyalty. Furthermore, by strategically enticing them with your targeted offers and promotions it drives foot traffic. It also amplifies the allure of the shopping experience when purchasing your products. 

This amalgamation of technological precision and tailored incentives reshapes the retail landscape. Elevating your customer engagement and fostering a more immersive shopping journey extends beyond any other traditional marketing method. 

You Can Employ Metrics to Improve Your Brick-and-Mortar Layout

Geolocation also serves as a goldmine to unveil any customer behaviour insights. By scrutinizing data such as foot traffic patterns, you can gain insights into peak visiting hours for your retail, preferred store sections, and your customers’ preferences. 

Armed with all this info, you can up your advertising strategies by fine-tuning the messaging in a way that maximizes ROI. You can do this either by aligning inventory levels, rearranging the store in a way that makes the desired areas stand out more, or simply tailor customer service to enhance customer experience based on these observed preferences.

This meticulous, data-driven approach fundamentally reshapes your decision-making processes in a way that is more appealing to your clients, fostering an environment where your informed strategies result in more satisfied and engaged customers as a whole.

Make Your Brick-and-Mortar Stand Out From the Herd

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