If you have a physical business location, dependent on foot traffic then Local SEO should be at the heart of your digital marketing campaign. This sets the stage so your business is highly visible “on the map” on SERPs. When a geo-targeting (or location marketing) campaign is used for a brand that has high visibility on SERPs then you have the recipe for success.  With location and geo targeting, you drastically increase the chances of conversion due to focusing on a highly receptive audience. 

What You Need to Know About Local SEO and Why It Matters

SEO stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. It consists of a set of practices that help websites appear in the top positions on Google results pages. If you have a physical storefront then you can take it a bit further and focus on your “Local SEO”. This takes into account searches with “near me” and “nearby” included in the query. 

Local SEO is all found within the Google Business Profile, formally known asa Google my Business. You don’t have to create a profile, Google already does that for you automatically. The key is to “Claim” your profile so you then have control over the information. Prior to that its whatever Google can scrape off the internet.

The reason why claiming your profile is so important is because it helps solidify a strong online presence and improve branding with one single move. Once you have that covered you basically have your digital house in order and can begin to accept guests over to have a look. This is when its advantageous to consider location based targeting for your next campaigns. 

Intro to Geo-Targeting and Why It Matters

Geo targeting is a form of advertising that works best for “brick and mortar” businesses. These campaigns create notifications whenever certain people enters a physical area that you define. It can be a radius around your store, an airport, a festival, wherever receptive audiences are located. Once you receive that notification you can then send a tailored message with exclusive offers to that individual through an app, loyalty program, or email. 

As you may tell, this comes with many advantages, mostly because it allows you to diversify your target audience with a more personalized approach, and also helps you offer a diverse array of products or services to a broader clientele without compromising efficacy in results.

On average we spend 3 to 6 minutes idly waiting. With proper geo targeting strategies, you can leverage this time window and use it to sell your products with 100% exclusivity while having unparalleled attention.

Advantages of Mixing Both Out

When you mix both local SEO efforts with adequate audience targeting strategies, you drastically increase your chances of marketing success. We here at RMG Advertising utilize this strategy frequently to the delight of our clients, business owners just like you. If you would like to schedule a chat to learn more Contact Us.