The Geofencing Strategy

Geofencing marketing software creates virtual boundaries around a physical location to focus marketing campaigns. The moment a person holding a mobile device reaches the virtual barrier you have set up, it alerts the geofencing software. If that person subscribes to your brands newsletter or loyalty app you can use it to offer exclusive discounts. The goal is to target your customers precisely without bombarding them with useless adverts.

Many assume they can “push” notifications directly through email or SMS once someone has entered the defined geofence area. But that is incorrect, as that would require access to the data carrier network the person belongs to. What it can do is reinforce loyalty to existing customers who visit your brick and mortar location.

Benefits of Combining Polygonal Geofencing and Consumer Insights

Geofencing has countless marketing benefits for businesses. With the consumer insights gained from properly utilizing geofencing within marketing campaigns, businesses have the ability to rapidly expand their business while continuing to nurture their existing customers.

Enhance Sales

Businesses can now reach a worldwide audience and, consequently, a global market thanks to the world of online marketing. To reach a more relevant local market, you should employ tactics like local SEO. Geofencing is a crucial complement to this. Simply said, you enhance your chances of converting leads into customers by focusing on the neighborhood around your business.

Smart businesses can cycle their geofencing promos, changing them daily or at least a few times each week, or add limited-time incentives to them. This will motivate more customers to use your discounts and offers and increase conversion rates. 


You can tailor your marketing plan for your customers as you make necessary adjustments according to the consumer insights you gather from your geofencing efforts. After all, you can easily gather more information that you can utilize to improve your offers by using geofencing.

Consider the scenario where you discover that local, existing clients like a certain brand you carry. To increase sales and show your customers that you are listening to them, you might change your marketing or advertisements to emphasize the product more.

Improve Customer Engagement

User engagement is increased through geofencing marketing. You are timing the delivery of more pertinent advertisements to a highly focused audience, which makes it seem like you understand your customers and their wants on a more personal level. Customers should be encouraged to use the advertising you send right away, which will increase the engagement of your efforts. 

Additionally, geofencing guards against users being frustrated and having a negative user experience due to an overload of unnecessary adverts because it allows you to tailor your campaigns for smaller, more specific groups.

Marketing Strategies That Are Supported by Geofencing

When you want to target potential consumers based on their location or activity inside a certain geographic area, geofencing advertising is a fantastic tool. Here are a few circumstances in which geofencing advertising is preferable to standard digital advertising.

Event Targeting

geofencing for events

An excellent place to employ geofencing in advertising is during large events where your target audience is concentrated. 

For instance, there might be a trade conference nearby that is hosting a multi-day annual conference. You can set up a geofence around the nearby hotels and conference space to show participants advertisements for your goods or services. Concerts, Amusement parks, food truck markets, music festivals, racing stadiums, and other events can all be beneficial places to geofence.

Localized Advertising

Geofencing marketing is effective for localized promotions that allow you to provide consumers who are close to your store or place of business with in-the-moment incentives. 

For instance, if you own a retail business, you can set up a geofence around it and give customers who are nearby a discount or promotion. This can be a useful strategy for boosting sales and foot traffic.

Competitor Marketing

People who are in your competitors’ business locations can also targeted with geofencing. 

For example, if you have a small convenience store, you can serve advertising emphasizing your special deal on coffee to consumers who are already visiting a chain coffee shop by setting up a geofence around the chain site.  Giving customers who are already prepared to buy coffee a better deal can entice them to come to your shop over a competitor’s shop.

Geofencing Tips To Improve Your Mobile Marketing Efforts

To have geofencing be more impactful for your marketing campaigns, there are several tips you can follow. These guidelines will help you make better use of the consumer insights you gain during your geofencing activities and convert people in your zones into lifelong customers.

Establish Effective Zones

You must thoroughly investigate your audience and your objectives in order to create an effective geofence. You need to identify a region where you can readily reach and where customers are likely to be interested in your business. Leads that you can target should be walking a lot in the location you’ve chosen.

Create Alluring Offers

Creating advertisements that your existing clientele finds appealing is typically the most successful. Understanding your audience is essential in this situation because you need to know what will appeal to them. You can use any of the standard offers you use in other advertisements, but make your selection depending on your target market’s needs and wants.

Create Strong Calls to Action

Consider making your call to action clear and practical while creating it to ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, bear in mind that it is important for your advertisements to avoid being spammy or self-serving. Your CTA should assist you in attracting the consumers you want without appearing to be targeting them. Create a feeling of urgency at the same time to increase conversions.

Use A/B Testing

You can test different ad versions as soon as you begin recording geofencing data. For example, A/B testing can be used to evaluate two text message variations and determine which one performs better. This helps you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Polygonal Geofencing and Consumer Insights Can Help Build a Better Consumer Base

You can increase traffic to your store, website, or even social media channels by using geofencing marketing. The locations of prospective clients are important, but you also need to identify your target market so you can build adverts to deliver to them specifically. If you follow the appropriate steps, you can create your own incredibly effective geo-targeted marketing campaigns. If you would like to learn more about Geofencing and mobile marketing contact us to schedule a call.