Geo-Precise Local Advertising

Reach potential customers in your trade area, or enhance traditional and digital media with brand exposure where your target audience lives and shops.

Why the grocery store


Captive minutes

of exposure per visit



in your selected stores


Average recall

from 10,000+ exit interviews


Check cell phones

while waiting in line

Leverage frequent grocery trips and checkout dwell time

Everybody shops for groceries and thousands of shoppers are a captive audience for an average of 3 to 6 minutes of grocery checkout dwell time at every visit. You have a great opportunity to place an unavoidable message at the checkout and be seen by customers waiting in line as well as shoppers passing by the conveyor belts.


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Block out your competitors and stay top of mind

Gain a competitive edge with category exclusivity in the stores you book, and ensure your unavoidable message has the highest possible recall with potential customers in your trade area. With your message visible where your local audience lives and shops, they will remember you and seek you out when the time comes.


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Be where your customers live and shop everyday

Target specific trade areas or communities with higher concentrations of your ideal target, including women, millennials, families, high-income households, ethnic groups, and more. You can reach local audiences most likely to buy your products or use your services, or you can complement a mass campaign with a targeted local presence.


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Make a solid impression in the heart of your audience’s community

During multiple weekly visits to the grocery store, shoppers will see your ad because they cannot turn it off, mute it, block it or change the channel to avoid seeing it. They will see and remember your message because of the frequency, repetition and captive nature of their interaction with your ad.


Your message reaches a huge audience

The grocery store is a mass reach, high-frequency environment and the place people visit most outside of work. Each store reaches an average of 160,000 home decision-makers every month!


You have the attention of the consumer

Your message is simply unavoidable during prolonged dwell time at the checkout. Sustained exposure to your message, direct line of sight and repeat visits result in an average of 68% ad recall.


Your ad is seen by your best target

You can target by gender, language, income, community, trade area, grocery store chain, postal code and individual store. Precise targeting increases the effectiveness of your advertising investment.


You can engage shoppers digitally

Checkout dwell time is ideal to drive online activity, generate inbound responses or interact with customers in real time. Consumers can safely and easily engage with your brand or business using their cell phone.


You can own your community

You can block out the competition, maintain a continuous presence, and differentiate your business where your customers live and shop! You get 100% guaranteed exclusivity in the stores you book.


You can boost your budget and other media

Grocery checkout advertising has a very low CPM, helping you achieve greater reach with the same budget. You can also strengthen mass or online campaigns by having a local or offline presence.


No other out-of-home media provides the precise targeting capability, quality impressions and recall that grocery checkout advertising provides.




We use AdBar because it reaches home decision-makers, provides huge extended reach when combined with any other OOH media, and has low production costs so we can spend more on the medium rather than the creative.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really block out my competition?

Yes, you can. We provide 100% category exclusivity in the stores you book, so you will never see your message next to or near a competitor’s during your campaign.

How can grocery store advertising complement my digital campaigns?

You can use this mass reach and high-frequency medium to enhance your campaigns with brand awareness messaging, to drive traffic to a specific business location, to provide a local presence in support of your mass advertising campaigns, to drive traffic to your website or landing pages, and more.

Grocery check-out advertising offers a captive audience for an average of 3 to 6 minutes of grocery checkout dwell time at every visit!

How do I know at which location I should advertise?

You can choose your ideal out-of-home locations based on gender, language, household income, community, trade area, FSA, postal code and individual store. We use available Census data to generate maps that highlight concentrations of your target audience and identify grocery store locations that would be best suited to reach your ideal target audience.

Can I target specific audiences at these grocery stores?

You can reach the primary home decision-maker, families, young adults, urban dwellers, lottery players, and more. You can also target by FSA, in specific trade areas or communities, near your competition, at locations near colleges/universities or bars/restaurants, and more.

Where are these grocery stores located?

Grocery stores are located in all neighbourhoods, and are largely considered the hub of a community.

Why advertise in grocery stores?

Everyone shops for groceries. By using several data sources to our available network of grocery stores, you can get mass reach and high-frequency exposure with very specific target audiences, including prospects in your trade areas, with a specific ethnic background, households with higher incomes, individuals or couples or families, women, Millennials, and more.