Target your competitors' customers with Location Intelligence!

You can reach out to consumers that have visited your competitors' physical locations in real-life and send them ads to entice them to come to you instead.

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Here’s how it works:


Precise Geofencing: We build a virtual boundary around one or more of your competitors’ physical locations and then capture the device IDs of people who have opted in to location tracking and who have entered the geofenced areas.


Data Analysis: We can capture device IDs in real time or go back several years to identify the ideal audience for you to target. The data is then analyzed to determine what specific locations were visited, as well as the time of day and frequency of visits.


Attract your competitors' customers


Targeted Advertising: You then use this information to deliver personalized and targeted advertising campaigns. These ads can be delivered to your Competitor Audience through mobile apps, social media platforms, or display networks.


Incentives and Offers: To entice potential customers to visit their store instead of your competitors, you can offer specific incentives, discounts, or exclusive offers. You can also direct the audience to specific store locations.



Tailored Messaging: The location data collected in your competitors’ locations helps you determine their purchase intent and where they are in the buying process, allowing you to tailor your message to them and get higher engagement.


Performance Tracking: To measure the effectiveness of your campaigns, you can use location attribution tools to track foot traffic in your locations and analyze how many people who saw your ads, ended up visiting one of your locations.



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