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Precision geofencing to within 3 feet of any boundary

Through our polygoning technology, an advanced form of geofencing, you can leverage extensive data about the real-life movements, interests, and preferences of mobile users over the last 4 years, although most businesses look at the last 2 years. You can access data points from more than 230 million unique devices across North America.


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Targeting and messaging decisions based on real-life data

Analyze this robust data to truly understand your customers based on where they go in the real world, define your ideal target audience, and predict their purchase intent. Use this valuable information to develop and deliver hyper-targeted messages that drive better results for your business.


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High-value audiences for display and social media campaigns

Target your ideal prospects with high conversion potential, find and reach out to your competitors’ customers and develop new look-alike audiences for your campaigns. Plus, integrate this valuable audience data into your other digital campaigns to refine your targeting for a better return on your investment.


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Strategies and campaigns that work smarter, not harder

Using real-life location and behaviour data to inform your targeting reduces wasted impressions and increases sales conversions. Plus, our foot traffic reports allow you to tie ad exposure back to in-store visits to accurately measure the impact of your campaigns and full circle ROI.


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The Importance of Location Intelligence in Marketing


Location intelligence is an emerging area of marketing that is beginning to gain traction. However, many marketers are not aware of the opportunities it presents for businesses of all sizes and in every sector.

Here’s a brief overview of what location intelligence is, the types of businesses that are best positioned to leverage it, and the benefits marketers can expect to see as they give it a try.

What is Location Intelligence?
Location intelligence is an emerging area of marketing that is beginning to gain traction. It’s the use of geospatial data to improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and to create actionable insights.

The term “location intelligence” was coined by IBM in 2001, and it refers to a combination of technology-based capabilities and services that help companies make smarter decisions based on geographic data.

For example, if a company needs to find new customers in a specific region, location intelligence would allow them to find all potential prospects in that area who fall into their target demographic. The company could then reach out individually via social media or other channels to connect with these prospects.

Why is Location Intelligence Important in Marketing?
Location intelligence is an emerging area of marketing that presents many opportunities for businesses. Location intelligence has seen a surge in popularity recently as marketers are finally starting to take notice of the benefits it offers. The potential benefits can be broken down into three categories: personalization, customer engagement, and measurement.

Personalization – With location intelligence, marketers can reach out to individuals based on where they live, and the places they visit. For example, a hearing aid provider might send a special offer to people who repeatedly visit local pharmacies on senior discount days. This is an excellent way to find new potential customers.

Customer Engagement – Personalized messages based on location and real-life movements give customers more reason to engage with your company and purchase from them again because they are receiving information that is tailored specifically towards them instead of generic advertisements creating an emotional connection between the customer and your brand.

Measurement – One of the most important reasons for implementing location measurements is to measure the results of a digital campaign. After deploying targeted ads to specific devices, it is possible to identify if those devices then visited a store location. It is also possible to use foot traffic attribution to identify which messages performed better.

Key Strategies to Take Advantage of Local Intelligence
Location intelligence is the process of leveraging cell phone location data to identify consumers and top-quality prospects, create personalized messages for them, and engage with them. This type of marketing uses location data to create more personalized experiences for consumers.

Creating highly relevant content and marketing campaigns is essential for maximum campaign ROI. Once you understand your prospects based on where they go and what they do, an advertiser can target potential customers who live in a specific FSA or postal code and include a call-to-action to a specific store location. This can be done through digital as well as Facebook and other social media ads.

Location intelligence can also help you locate your competitors’ customers so you can send them attractive offers to help you gain more market share.

It’s important that marketers consider the power of location intelligence as it becomes more mainstream in marketing. By understanding your customers’ needs based on where they go and what they do, you’ll be able to tailor your messaging accordingly and produce better results!

Taking advantage of location intelligence can be tricky. Many people may not even realize the importance of this marketing strategy. However, location intelligence offers many opportunities for a business to get in front of potential customers.

With a small amount of research, you can leverage this data to your advantage and get the best results.

“We have found success with RMG’s solutions. RMG offers exactly what we look for in a partner – someone to help propel our marketing strategy and provide clear insights on campaigns.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reach these unique mobile device users at home and continue to deliver them ads?

Yes, through cross-device bridging! We can continue to deliver these unique mobile users seen at specific locations of interest at home through other devices once they connect to IP addresses.

Can I integrate other digital marketing channels to target unique mobile devices?

Yes! We can provide you custom audiences by pulling unique mobile devices seen at locations of interest and uploading them to other paid channels to support an OMNI channel marketing approach.

How do we collect location intelligence data?

Data location for our clients is provided exclusively by Near (formerly UberMedia), an established leader in their industry. Data provided by Near is aggregated and de-identified, not tied to any single device or individual. Near adheres to GDPR and CCPA and has been certified for privacy compliance an independent third party.

Click below for complete detail regarding Near’s Privacy Policies or contact us directly.


Is polygoning the same as geofencing or geotargeting?

Polygoning provides a higher level of precision than radius or other geo-fencing techniques. Polygons are accurate to one metre of the identified locations’ physical boundaries. Through our lookback window capabilities, it is also possible to obtain data from mobiles devices identified at a location of interest up to4 years ago, although most businesses only look at the last 2 years.

Why is location intelligence important?

Location intelligence helps provide visibility into where your audience and/or potential customers live, spend their time, and make their purchases. This helps you derive insights into their interests and preferences, making it possible to find your ideal target profile for your campaigns and deliver relevant ads to potential customers.

What is Location Intelligence?

Location intelligence is the process of collecting geographic location data through mobile devices and deriving meaningful insights from it. For example, this can include who has visited your business, a competitor, or a particular set of meaningful locations in the past or at any given time.