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Analyze real-life movement and behaviour data from consumers’ mobile devices to gain valuable customer insights, target more precisely, identify new audiences, eliminate wasted spend, and get higher response rates.

Run competitive conquesting campaigns based on where people go in real life, by identifying mobile device ID’s that have visited your competitors’ locations and sending them a message to entice them to come to you.

Find people who are actively shopping for your product based on the places they visit in real life, and send them highly relevant messages that have a better chance of converting to a sale because they are looking to buy.

Create high-value custom audiences from real-life consumer behaviour data and import their mobile device IDs into your Facebook campaign targeting, including for restricted categories that can’t otherwise be reached on Facebook.

Examples of Client Results


Higher CTR

than the industry average



actively looking to buy



in event attendance YOY


Even Higher CTR

with competitor audience

“RMG Advertising offers a pinpoint geo-targeting accuracy that is second to none. Their process is enlightening and effective, and they put great effort into ensuring we got maximum results. I would highly recommend RMG.”

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