Transform Insights
into Impact with GeoQuest

Replace Guesswork and Assumptions with
Real-World Insights and Comprehensive Audience Data

Refine Your Business Strategy with Enhanced Consumer Insights and Location Data

GeoQuest Insights empowers you to make strategic business decisions with real-world behavior analytics. Gain comprehensive insights to understand your audience, optimize your strategies, and gain a competitive edge to create highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Harness the Power of Deep Consumer Insights

Utilize data from 1.6 billion device IDs across 44 countries and 250,000 apps.
Analyze trade areas, consumer patterns, and visitation insights.
Compare your customer profiles with those of your competitors.
Maintain an updated demographic profile of your customers.
Enhance campaign effectiveness with real-time data.
Build accurate customer personas for strategic targeting.
Leverage a 24-hour lookback window for timely insights.

Drive Strategic Decisions, Boost Customer Engagement, and Maximize Marketing Effectiveness with GeoQuest Insights

Unlock Audience Insights and
Track Trends

Gain a Competitive

Optimize Customer Journeys
with Precision

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Cost-Effective Solutions

Business Intelligence Package Options

Self-Serve Package

Unlock the basics of audience insights with our GeoQuest Self-Serve Report. Perfect for marketers who prefer a hands-on approach, this package provides essential data to understand your customers better:

  • Discover where your customers live with precise location data.
  • Get a detailed demographic profile of your audience.
  • Receive an analysis and summary of key insights to guide your marketing efforts.
  • Includes a detailed interpretation guide to help you make the most of your data.

Choose up to five locations to analyze in your report.

Essential Insights Package

Take your audience understanding to the next level with the GeoQuest Essential Report. Designed for businesses that want expert guidance along with detailed data, this package offers:

  • Insights into where your customers live to optimize your targeting.
  • A thorough demographic profile of your customer base.
  • An in-depth analysis and summary of key insights, presented by our location data experts.
  • Personalized support to help you translate data into actionable marketing strategies.

360 Insights Package

Experience the full spectrum of audience insights with our GeoQuest 360 Insights Package. Ideal for businesses looking for comprehensive, in-depth data and analysis, this package includes everything you need to refine your marketing efforts:

  • Detailed data on where your customers live and work.
  • A complete demographic profile of your audience.
  • Insights into customer visitation patterns, including pathing and dwell time.
  • Understand your customer’s brand affinities and preferences.
  • Develop detailed customer personas to enhance targeting.
  • An in-depth analysis and summary of key insights.

A preferred pricing code to connect with report audiences via RMGA’s location intelligence advertising tools.

Harness Deep Customer Insights for Informed Decision-Making

How to Choose the Right Report for You

Selecting the right GeoQuest Insights Report depends on your marketing goals, the level of data you need, and how hands-on you want to be in the analysis process. Here’s a quick guide to help you decide:

Who it’s best for:

  • Marketers who prefer a DIY approach and want to start with basic audience insights.
  • Businesses seeking essential data on customer demographics and locations.
  • Companies that need insights for up to five locations.

Who it’s best for:

  • Businesses that want a deeper understanding of their audience with expert guidance.
  • Companies seeking to optimize their marketing strategies with detailed data analysis.
  • Organizations that need more than five locations analyzed.

Who it’s best for:

  • Businesses seeking a comprehensive and detailed understanding of their audience.
  • Companies seeking insights into customer behaviors, visitation patterns, and brand affinities
  • Organizations aiming to develop precise customer personas and enhance targeted marketing efforts.

Customer Insights Report

Table Header Table Header
  • What are the up, and coming areas in my target markets?
  • How have visitation and consumer profiles changed over time?
  • What are the peak hours of activity for an areas that I want to consider for a new store?
  • What days of the week/time of day sees the most traffic?
  • Where are my customers coming from?
  • How far are customers willing to travel?
  • What are the different segments of my audience?
  • Which Audience Segments represent my very best customer?
  • What demographics have I not reached and how do I connect with them?
  • Who are my customer's, what do they like, how can I create meaningful creative for each segment?
  • What is the best location for my business?
  • Where do potential customers live and work?
  • What are my potential trade areas?
  • What is performance by day of week/time of day? Should I change my hours of operation?
  • What brands do my customers associate with the most, is this a targeting or personalized creative opportunity?
  • What is the trade area for my location – do other locations overlap
  • What would be the effects of opening a new location in various different neighborhoods? Am I missing out on potential revenue?​
  • Would any of my franchises lose customers by adding a new franchise location? Would any of them perceive to lose any customers? How can I justify to them that the opposite is true?
  • How does my trade area compare to my competitors?
  • How does my site compare to my competitors ? Are they getting more traffic, when and why?
  • Do customers have a high/low affinity for my brand, brands that are like mine or competitor brands?